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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  November 7, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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well, if you were outside today you know autumn is in the air. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm joce sterman. will we feel the chill into the work week? winnette charles is in the storm center with a look at your first forecast. >> we are going to feel the chill into the beginning of the work week but then we'll warm up, mild side on wednesday and into the weekend. i hope you did predict to fall back. i had an extra hour of sleep
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today. that's definitely good news there, check out maryland's most powerful radar and we do have a clean sweep. we are dry and are going to stay that way for the next several days. we're under the influence of a deep trough in the area. with that it's allowing cold tear to move in. we'll -- air to move in. we'll see that overnight. clouds are moving in, partly cloudy through the evening as well. the winds were kicked up for today but they're dying down a little bit but don't get used to that because they'll go back up into tomorrow. the temperature into the inner harbor at 49. dc around 49. a little bit chillier in york, around 41. if you factor in the winds, 5 to 10 miles an hour, feeling chillier. here is your temperature for this evening. 44 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy, and it's going to be on the chilly side as well. good news as we head into the seven-day forecast. stick around for that.
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>> thanks. thieves hold up a hartford county store getting away with much more than just cash. they're carrying something gamers have been anxiously waiting for. sheryl conner joins us with details on a video game robbery. >> reporter: two men got away from the game stop story in bel air with more than 100 copies of the video game call of duty, black ops. that is not scheduled for release until this tuesday. the hartford county sheriff's office says the robly happened last night as the store was closing. two men carrying semiautomatic handguns took those games along with several xbox game systems and cash. customers who came to the front door while the robbers were inside got pulled in. >> originally the robber told the customers that the store was closed but then they brought
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them into the store and ushered them in to the back storeroom where they put them for the remainder of the robbery. >> reporter: and those customers along with the employees inside the store were not injured. investigators are looking for two men and they believe the robbery may be connected to another robbery at the game stop in aberdeen that happened on october 21st. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. that number 410-836-5430. and coming up at 11, we'll tell you what nearby businesses are doing to protect their employees. sheryl conner, abc2 news. >> all right, sheryl. police have the body of a missing boater in the patuxent river. three men had engine trouble and their boat began to sink. a near jet skier rescued two of the men but could not find 50-year-old timothy bourne. this afternoon his body was
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recovered. just imagine, an explosion collapses part of a chemical production facility causing mass casualties and trapping hundreds of people? fortunately, this what you're seeing there, is a practice scenario in the event of a real tragedy. local first responders worked alongside the military to test their resources this weekend. if a disaster proves to be too much for the baltimore city fire department to handle alone, other agencies will assist in the response. >> it gives us an opportunity to assess our operability, and to work hand in hand with our local jurisdictional and federal partners as well as the national guard. >> the exercise is part of a ten-day event. . the ravens ran past the dolphins this afternoon. cundiff did most of the damage
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connecting on four field goals as they improve to a 26-10 victory. tune in to abc2 news tonight at 11 for more on today's game. football fans in parkville have a reason to make noise and not just for the ravens' win. the patriots ever the baltimore county youth football team is undefeated this season. they're hoping to clench the division title and go to the state championship, dedication from the parents make these 9, 10, and 11-year-old boys successful on the football field. >> our parents are at every game. the majority of them are at every practice. we are very dedicated to this team and the coaches to be as much support as possible. >> the patriots continued their winning streak yesterday winning 25-0. the team went on to state last year making history. it was the first time in 52 years that a team from the
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parkville rec council went on to the championship game. . iphone users should take some advice from apple before setting their phone's alarm for work tomorrow. a glitch in the operating system could have you running behind schedule that's because the app doesn't recognize the time change from daylight savings and will ring an hour late. go into the program and manually reset the alarm to fix the problem. one industry that won't have a shortage of jobs is health care. with health care reform going into effect, industry experts expect even more openings. christine roamans talked to one woman who is not wasting time getting into the field? robing tanique burns enjoys her job. drawing blood for a boston area blood bank but she's watched her ours shrink. seven or eight hour blood drives now last only five. >> i've been told as long as you
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have a job in health care you're pretty much set. >> is this thinking ... >> reporter: so tanique an a mother of a five is pursuing a career in nursing. she goes to class at night and works during the day. >> i don't consider myself to be a risk taker but i guess on some level this is. >> reporter: a risk that will a likely pay off. the population is ageing and an estimated 50 million americans enter the health care system when reform kicks in in 2014. >> they need nurses to take care of them. >> where are the jobs in the health care? it's not just nursing. >> up and down the field. you have all levels of people within there. and the jobs quite frankly are going to be found in all levels. >> reporter: there's a shortage of health care i.t. professionals, medical coders and medical assistants. the government estimates hundreds of thousands of home health aides and personal aides
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will be needed over the next decade. often those jobs come with on-the-job training but low paid. median wages for nurses is $66,530. tanique is hopeful. there is student loans to pay off but she's confident she made the right choice. >> i told my children you need to go to school and get an education but i felt like if i haven't gone to college how can i expect them to do it? rote. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn. thousand walkers wanted to raise an issue close to their heart. this brought out supporters and survivors and to honor the lives of those who lost their lives to leukemia. they hope one day they won't need to walk any more if they get enough funding. >> i lost my mother last year to
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cancer. this is a good way for me to come out and honor her memory. i have lots of friends whose children are survivors. good to support those people. >> the balloons you see on the walk have special significance. the white were for survivors. boosting business for one store owner as the economy went south creativity went up for him. man who is using wine to woo new customers. the president is in india talking politics and learning some new moves and you see him there shaking it. the latest on his trip, coming up. we started out chilly this morning with 34. and the high this afternoon was around 52. we're going to continue chilly but i have wonderful news for you in the middle of the week. stick around to hear it.
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. president obama has ended the second of three days in india. if he thought he was shaking american politics he was dispiented but the exotic locale loosened up the reserved president long enough for him to do shaking of another kind. [ cheering ]. >> reporter: the american president was coaxed into the holiday spirit in a mumbai school as children taught him how they celebrate india's biggest holiday of the year, dewale.. at his next stop at college, the students are not reluctant to ask tough questions. some questioned him about the election defeat he suffered last week. president obama said he needs to make miscourse corrections but that's democracy. >> one of the wonderful things about democracy is that when the people are not happy, it is their right, obligation, and
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duty to express their unhappiness much to the regret, sometimes, of incumbents, that's a good and healthy thing. >> reporter: they challenged him for not declaring neighboring pakistan a terrorist state. things are improving the president answered. >> we will work with the pakistani government in order to eradicate this extremism that we consider a cancer. >> reporter: the president and mrs. obama are not making the trip to the taj mahal this week but they were in awe of another tomb, they called it spectacular. .
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well, this weekend's cooler weather gave us a taste of wa we usually see around thanksgiving time and folks in anne arundel county celebrated with the 15th annual pasadena thanksgiving parade. donated food for those in need. what great weather for a parade. sunny. you like that chill in the air for a parade. it seems so appropriate. it's going away. >> it's going to go away a little bit. i know you have some plans, i foe you're excited. we talked about that. as we go into thursday so the temperatures will be in the 60s and that will be above average now because now we should be around 59 degrees. 60, 61, and it could get warmer than that. >> nice. >> let me show you what's going on right now because we have those temperatures dropping down. we're at 46 degrees now and the winds out of the northwest at about 8 miles per hour. you saw the hats blowing around in the wind. that's what we're getting tomorrow as well and it's going to get gustier.
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the barometer is holding steady right now. as we checked out what we had earlier today, the sunshine, i hope you got out there and basked in it because it was gorgeous. this is glen oak. a few clouds rolled through but they didn't mess anything up. we'll be around partly cloudy skies this evening and then things will clear out as we go into tomorrow. check out the gusts. yes, today was on the blustery side especially into baltimore at times. 32 mile an hour peak gusts here and 22 at lutherville. damascus around 25. so you can see these in the 30s in a lot of spots as well. edgewood, they're 32. so we did see a little bit of the blustery stuff today and more tomorrow. current winds, these are your sustained winds. looking good at dulles. we can see what we are at easton, around 6. don't get your hopes up too high thinking they're going to stay
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down because, no, we're going too pick it back up as we head into tomorrow. temperatures for today, if you like the cooler weather today was your day. 52 into the harbor, annapolis at 51, washington 52. we should be at 59 degrees for this time of year so these temperatures are below average. for tomorrow, that temperature coming in at 58 degrees and 57 into overly, mostly sunny skies. now, my prediction is we have a system off the coast and so a few more clouds could roll in at 5, 6:00, but for the most part we'll stay sun shiny as we go into tomorrow. i made up that word. aberdeen will be around 58 degrees. check out satellite and radar, we do have that system off the new england coast as of now so we have this deep trough that we're in and then we see high pressure back towards the west. that will build in as we go into time. future forecast showing you
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what's going on. that coast could kick back a few clouds for tomorrow. but in the meantime, tonight, chilly with patchy frost, chem around 33. tomorrow breezy and cool, as we head into tomorrow night, 42, breezy and chilly. and here is that seven-day forecast as we check it out. jump into thursday which is veteran's day. plenty of sunshine, nice and mild as we head into the weekend. >> sun shiny. we're kicking off the holiday season in a couple of weeks but between traveling and all that food making you feel stuff getting into the jeans gets harder. how a little planning and creativity can keep you from packing on the pounds.
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. a wine merchant has a new
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way to attract customers give them booze. he's holding wine tasting classes teaching his customers about his product and boosting business. >> reporter: on saturday mornings in northwest dc wine lovers can pull up a wine box and hear from a specialty wine distributor from new zealand. >> we have experts that handle the wine making. >> this winery only grows italian bridals. >> reporter: they learn about wine. these tasting classes are the brain child of tony quinn who runs cleveland park liquor and wines in northwest dc. >> tony, i want to learn about wine. where do i go? this was a good way to bring people into the store. >> reporter: the classes cultivate loyalty in a tough economy where new competition is cutting into business.
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>> this is all about doing smart business, and it's what keeps us hope friday what distinguishes us and ultimately keeps us in business because the economy is very difficult right now and people, a lot of times, are voting for convenience. >> reporter: after talking to customers, quinn decided to take the competition head on by using his 20-plus years of personal connections with wine producers, offering something the competition can't. inexpensive but distinctive wines interest small vineyards. >> family owned vineyard. my grandmother owns the vineyard. it's in the best part of the world for this wine. >> i've seen the vineyards every day of the year, going to these people, helping them with whatever help they need right through the growing season. >> reporter: they try wines from new zealand, south africa and varieties from texas and idaho
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and arizona. >> there are approximately 30, 35, 40 wineries in arizona. >> reporter: and while some of these wines are off the beaten track, quinn is gambling that teaching customers to appreciate and ask for non-traditional wines will boost sales and keep customers beating down his door for years to come. sandra endo, cnn, washington. fz
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i need a home performance with energy star audit. this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold! get up to $2,450 dollars in rebates and keep saving with home performance with energy star. get started at . we're holding out hope for a tinsy tiny warmup. >> and yes, in the middle of next week and next weekend as well. but tomorrow morning will be on the cooler side. frosty start. lots of sunshine in the forecast, and you know what? it's going to be breezy throughout the day with the temperature coming in around 58 degrees so the 58 will feel chillier than that. we can even warm up to maybe the middle 60s as we go through the rest of the week. >> i love how the weekend
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forecast is looking. 62, love that this time of year. >> that's it for abc2 news at six. that's for joining us and we'll see you back here at 11. have a great night. and now...spotted, the hottest accessory in town. as seen on lisa! rachel! and rob! it's new lean pockets culinary creations. veggies, grilled chicken and cheese. wrapped in a portable crust made with whole grains. and don't need to be a celebrity
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